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iRobot Roomba 780

    The iRobot Roomba 780 is the top of the line in the Roomba range. It features touchpad controls, the new ‘Dirt Detect Series 2′ technology and ‘Room to Room Navigation’ that lets the iRobot Roomba 780 completely finish one room before starting another. The iRobot Roomba 780 also features 50% longer lasting battery than other previous models and has a full bin indicator that tells you when you need to empty it. The iRobot Roomba 780 is perfect for people with large houses and pets.
    Easy to use, Cleans effectively, cleans under furniture easily
    Can get stuck, noisy, can’t clean stairs

    Roomba 780 Review

    The Roomba 780 is the frontrunner of the 700 series line of models created by iRobot. It has an upgraded iAdapt navigation system that allows it to perform 64 checks per second while traveling around the designated cleaning area. This enables the device to store a complete layout of the surface that is meant to clean inside its memory. It also has the updated Dirt Detect™ Series 2 technology that allows it to monitor and find the most unclean areas for extra attention. It then focuses on these spots to perform a back and forth cleaning pattern to pick-up the extra surplus of dirt.

    Features & Benefits
    • Advanced Cleaning Head: The Roomba 780 was designed to handle everything from people who own pets and have children who run through the house after playing outside. It picks up pet hair, dirt, dust, and allergens. It has an advanced 3-stage cleaning system with side brushes that clean along walls, along with counter-rotating brushes that act as a sweeping and dust pick up system.
    • AeroVac™ Series 2 Bin: Is a dominate vacuum cleaning system that enables the machine to pull dirt and strands of hair off the brushes into the bin. Including a clog resistant design that allows it to fill up the bin without any issues.
    • Dual HEPA Air Filters: The air filters can capture particles up to 0.3 microns in size. This allows the air to stay allergen free from any particles that might otherwise escape a similar device.
    • Molded Soft-Touch Bumper: Allows objects that it is cleaning around to be protected from any damage while the vacuum is performing its job around cleaning areas.
    • Room-To-Room Navigation: The device can be programmed to go from room-to-room while cleaning an area before it moves onto the next one. This allows it to make each space spotless before moving onto the next one to be cleaned.
    • Extended Life-Battery and Power Management: Long lasting battery that has integrated software built into the vacuum to allow for programming of up to 50% longer battery life compared to previous Roomba models.
    • Carrying Handle: Includes a built in carry handle that can be pulled out for easy handling while transporting it from one spot to the next.
    • Touchpad Control: Infrared remote that allows it to be controlled by the push of a button while the operator is doing other activities. Giving the user on-hand control instead of having to walk-up to the device to make changes.
    • Full Bin Indicator: Light indicator that lets people know when it has become full and needs to be emptied out.
    Who is it Best For?

    The Roomba 780 is best designed for people who want to relax in the comfort of their home while letting the vacuum itself do all the work. Being able to take the time to do other things without the hassle of continuously cleaning floors eliminates the need for owners to ever have to use their free time cleaning up the common areas and rooms of their living environment. After all, who wouldn’t want a little extra free time? The vacuum also has the ability to be scheduled to clean areas such as bedrooms while people are away at work or school. It was specifically designed to be safe around pets and has molded bumpers to protect anything it runs into from being scratched or damage while it cleans.

    • Memory Reset: If it runs out of power without being able to make it to a docking station the internal memory is reset.
    • Door Management: It can sometimes bump into doors that are not fully open and close them. This locks the device in the room until the door is able to be opened.
    • Price: It has an expensive price tag compared to regular vacuum cleaners that are on the market.
    The Bottom Line

    Overall, the iRobot Roomba 780 has been given high remarks from customers and reviewers for its ability to function as a cleaning device. It is capable of handling large common areas and rooms with no issues being able to detect what type of surface it is cleaning. The price may be the only issue for those who are considering purchasing the product. It has enough features along with a long enough life span to eventually make it worth the saved time and money spent on it.

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    What’s In The Box:

    • 1 x Roomba 780
    • 1 x Battery with Extended-Life Power
    • 1 x Charger for the battery (3-hour charge time)
    • 1 x Self-Charging Compact Home Base
    • 2 x Virtual Wall Lighthouses
    • 1 x Bonus Filter
    • 1 x Bonus Bristle Brush, a Flexible Brush and a Side Brush
    • 2 x Brushing Tools
    • 1 x Remote Control
    • 1 x Instructional DVD
    • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty On the Robot, 6-Month Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty On the Battery
    Specifications: Package Dimensions: 19 x 5 x 21.5 inches. Package Weight: 14.5 lbs. Robot Dimensions: 13.9 inches in diameter, 3.6 inches in height. Robot Weight: 8.4 lbs. Contents may vary depending on Supplier

    Which Roomba is Best for Your Home?

    logotrans Recommended For Aero-Force Cleaning Tangle Free Extractor (HEPA) Filter Dirt-Detect TWO Room by Room Navigation Responsive Navigation Dirt-Detect ONE Fully Self Charging 7 x Week Scheduling Self-Cleaning Head Wall/Edge Cleaning
    roomba 600 features
    600 Series
    Standard regular size homes
    roomba 700 features
    700 Series
    High traffic houses & deep cleans
    roomba 800 features
    800 Series
    Concentrated, deep cleaning (50%more than 700) for busy households (little maintenance)
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    • Roomba 780
    • Roomba 780 1
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    • Roomba 780

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