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Welcome to Roomba Robot Reviews, a website dedicated to bringing you the best prices online.

The Roomba series by iRobot is an advanced group of robotic vacuum cleaners that are redefining the way we live. Each robot vacuum cleaner is a state of the art; lean; mean; cleaning machine that pushes the boundaries of technology and luxury lifestyle to the limit. With a Roomba vacuum robot you will never have to vacuum again.

Here at Roomba Robot Reviews we have done in-depth research and reviewed the whole range of Roomba Robots so it is easier for you to decide on which one suits you the best.

Our iRobot Roomba reviews outline both the good and bad points about each Roomba vacuum cleaner providing you with honest reviews based on opinions from all over the world. We have done the research so you don’t have to.

Each page contains an overview of each product as well as a well-researched review that includes the features and benefits of the Roomba as well as any downfalls it may have. As well as individual Roomba vacuum reviews, we have also included up to date star ratings and customer reviews from Amazon as well as links to customer reviews on other merchant websites (like iRobot) to help you as much as possible in making your decision.

Roomba 880 – Released Nov 2013

The bees knees of irobot roomba vacuuming technology, you will feel like you live on a different planet with a Roomba 880 robotic genius.

On this iRobot Roomba Reviews site, you will also find product specifications for each model, a compilation of videos about each iRobot and a table that compares different Roomba series so you know which one is suited best for you.

On top of this we also have a price comparison chart that updates the prices of each Roomba from various online stores like iRobot, Amazon and a variety of others.

These prices are updated in real time (every time the page is loaded) so you can compare the best Roomba prices available online.

If you would like daily price updates delivered to your inbox simply sign up to the form at the bottom of the page for the product you are interested in and we will send you a daily email with the prices for that day. As well as Roomba reviews you will find that we have other robotic vacuum cleaner reviews for products like mint, braava and also Scooba.

They say with a Roomba you will never have to vacuum again – well with Roomba Robot Reviews you will never have to look anywhere else for information on Roombas ever again. Feel free to contact us using the form on the contact page should you require any more information.

Roomba Robotic Vacuums

The Roomba 880 is currently the best Roomba ever made. It features new Tangle Free rubber extractors, New AeroForce Cleaning Technology and a longer battery life. Said to remove 50% more dust and dirt than previous models the 880 is a lean mean robotic cleaning machine.
Roomba 880
The iRobot Roomba 870 is the cheaper version of the Roomba 880. Like the 880, it comes with the new AeroForce™ cleaning system and rubber extractors. The main difference between the 870 and 880 is that it doesn't have a remote and has virtual walls instead of a virtual lighthouse.
Roomba 870
Released in mid 2012 the iRobot Roomba 790 was the first Roomba to feature a remote control. It comes with an AeroVac Series 2 Bin, Dual Hepa Filters and a Virtual Lighthouse. Some people still prefer the 790 as it has brushes as opposed to the rubber extractors of the newer Roomba 880.
Roomba 790
The iRobot Roomba 780 was released in 2011 as part of the 700 series. It was the first Roomba to come with touchpad controls. It also features ‘Dirt Detect Series 2′ technology and ‘Room to Room Navigation’ that lets it completely finish one room before starting another.
Roomba 780
The iRobot Roomba 770 is (was) actually more popular than the Roomba 780. The main reason for this is the price. The 770 and 780 are basically the same machine but the 780 has a touchpad and the 770 has buttons. The 780 also has virtual lighthouse whereas the 770 only has virtual walls.
Roomba 770
Featuring iAdapt responsive cleaning technology the iRobot Roomba 760 has a 50% longer battery life than previous models. It comes with dual HEPA air filters and can be scheduled to clean up to 7 times a week. A good Roomba for apartments and small houses.
Roomba 760
The iRobot Roomba 650 features advanced AeroVac Technology which means it can pick up a whole lot more dirt and dust. It boasts of superior suction power and airflow compared to its predecessors. It also features onboard scheduling unlike the Roomba 630.
Roomba 650
The Roomba 630 was released as a cheaper alternative to the 700 series. It offers a 3 stage cleaning system, Aerovac technology as well as dirt detect and virtual walls. It does not have a scheduling system like other more expensive models but doesn't cost as much either.
Roomba 630

The latest in floor cleaning technology – the Scooba 450 scrubs and removes up to 99% of household bacteria. Never mop your floors ever again with the latest in iRobot Scooba technology.

Scooba & Braava Floor Cleaners

The iRobot Scooba 450 is the latest hard floor cleaner from iRobot. It features a unique three-cycle cleaning process which first sweeps and pre-soaks the floor and then scrubs and vacuum squeegees, before finally giving it a squeegee finish. The 450 has both a 20 and 40 minute cleaning cycle and can be used on all hard-floor surfaces.
Scooba 450
The Scooba 390 is the next step up from the 230. Using a 4 step cleaning system the Scooba 390 can remove up to 98% of household bacteria. It vacuums the floors and then applies cleaning solution, scrubs, and then mops the floor leaving it sparkling clean. The 390 comes with virtual walls so you can control the area that you want it to clean.
Scooba 390
iRobot Braava 380T is the leader of the floor mopping robots. It uses disposable microfiber cleaning cloths to sweep and damp mop hard floor surfaces. The Braava 380T also includes a pro-clean reservoir pad and NorthStar® Navigation System. It features extended battery life and also charges in no time.
Braava 380T
The iRobot Braava 320 is a floor mopping robot that uses reusable or disposable micro-fiber cleaning cloths to dry and damp mop your floor. It features a NorthStar® Navigation System that guides its movements and it can effectively cleans all hard floors including wood, tiles and vinyl.
Braava 320
The Mint 5200 is the next step up from the 4200 and features a pro clean system, and advanced NorthStar® Navigation System 2.0 that guides it as it sweeps and mops hard floors. Whisper quiet in operation, it also has a longer run time and charges faster than the 4200.
iRobot Mint 5200
The Mint 4200 is a compact and efficient robotic cleaner with “dry sweeping” and “damp mopping” cleaning modes. It is whisper quiet and features a NorthStar Navigation System which creates a map of the floor and cleans the entire area effectively.
iRobot Mint 4200

Roomba 870 – Released March 2014

The younger sibling of the Roomba 880. The Roomba 870 has all the power of the 880 – but costs you less! Great for anyone who wants the job done but doesn’t want to spend as much!

Roomba Robot Reviews: Everything You Wanted to Know About the iRobot Roomba

Robotic vacuum cleaners may have been dismissed as a crazy futuristic dream in the past, but they’re a major industry today. A study by Lorenza Della Santa for Euromonitor International reports that the robotic vacuum cleaner industry was worth $434 million in Western Europe alone and is expected to increase by 50% in the next year.

Here are some other statistics worth considering…
In 2008 alone, 940,000 vacuum cleaning robots were sold. (Source: IEEE Spectrum)
Sales of robots for domestic purposes (including vacuuming, lawn mowing, etc.) are likely to reach 23.9 million units between 2014-2017 with an estimated value of US $6.5 billion. (Source: International Federation of Robotics)
More than 10 million home robots were sold by iRobot as of 2013. (Source: the iRobot website)

What is the Roomba?

Roomba is an automated vacuum cleaner that does all the work of a conventional vacuum (and a bit more) without the help of a human. With the help of brushes, extractors, sensors and vacuuming technology it sucks up dirt and dust into a storage bin within the machine. The Roomba is also fitted with two large wheels (each driven by a separate electric motor) that allow the vacuum cleaner to spin in any direction effortlessly.

A Brief History About the iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner:

The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner is the brainchild of inventor Helen Greiner. The idea to seek the help of a robot to clean the house was probably borne out of the fact that whenever Helen and her colleague introduced themselves as roboticists, people often asked them if they could invent a robot to ‘clean their house’. (Source:
Since their launch in 2002, Roomba is not only popular in households, but also among technology enthusiasts and has featured in housekeeping magazines like Good Housekeeping. It was also chosen as one of Oprah’s favorite things and featured on VH1’s Diva Awards.

How does the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Work?

The vacuum cleaner performs a set of preprogrammed instructions. There are five motors inside the machine- one for each of the wheels, one for the vacuum, one for the brush and one for the agitator assembly systems. Roomba uses its trademarked iRobot AWARE Robotic Intelligence System to pick up information about the environment and send it to the microprocessor.
When a user presses the CLEAN button, the vacuum cleaner calculates the room size by sending infrared signals. The time taken to receive these signals back helps the machine to determine the size of the room. The infrared sensors also help it to detect walls and other obstacles. Similarly, sensors placed underneath the machine help it from falling down stairs and avoiding steep drops. Its sensors are sensitive to touch and hence stop before hitting objects.

There are several modes by which the room is cleaned. For instance, it can clean by sweeping across a room when the room size is large or it can repeatedly clean the same area when the place needs ‘spot’ cleaning.
Your Roomba also knows when a floor needs extra cleaning. The machine is fitted with a piezoelectric sensor that can detect dirt when it hits the brush. As dirt hits this electric sensor, tiny impulses are generated. The machine is preprogrammed to ‘think’ that excessive impulses means that the place is extra dirty. This leads the machine to retrace its steps towards the dirty area for a second round of cleaning. To clean around walls, the Roomba is fitted with a wall sensor. This allows the machine to follow around the walls of a room and around furniture using the side mounted flailing brush.

Why is the iRobot Roomba so Popular:

• They help the elderly in cleaning their homes:
Automated cleaning robots have helped countries like Denmark to drive their ‘welfare modernization strategy’. A survey by DaneAge reports that almost 84% of managers responsible for elder care are either using robot vacuum cleaners or are planning to use in the near future. (Source: The Guardian, 13th February, 2014). Robotic vacuum cleaners are especially important for senior citizens who haven’t gone into full time care.

• They save time and money:
Cleaning is neither cheap nor easy. Employing someone to clean your house can set you back a few hundred dollars every month. Similarly, it can take a few hours every Saturday to get your vacuumed. Robotic vacuum cleaners can clean the house everyday – keeping the dirt and dust to a minimum and at the fraction of a cost incurred by employing someone else.

• They’re easy to use:
This is a no brainer- the iRobot Roomba is automatic and can work unattended. All that you need to do is to press a button and the vacuum cleaner will do its work. You don’t even have to bother recharging it. The Roomba 800 series docks automatically for recharging when the battery runs low.

• They’re compact:
Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, Roombas are compact. The iRobot Roomba is shaped like a flat disc and looks a bit like a fat Frisbee. This allows the cleaner to move around furniture and other equipment effortlessly. Infrared sensors prevent the Roomba vacuum cleaner from bumping into obstacles.

• They’re not that expensive:
When Helen Greiner and her colleagues at iRobot set to develop the robotic vacuum cleaner, affordability was one of their objectives. Even the latest and the most expensive iRobot Roomba sells for $699. Much more affordable, when compared with the price (rumored $1500) of the upcoming Dyson 360 Eye.

• They’re intelligent:
A Roomba can identify places where it has already cleaned and detect obstacles and stairs – on top of that kids (and adults) and pets think they are pretty cool.

iRobot Roomba Reviews (By Series):
500 Series:

The iRobot Roomba 560 is the 3rd generation model and was once the most popular product on the market. It follows a three stage cleaning system to clean walls, corners and other obstacles. The AeroVac Technology ensures that the bin collects as much dirt as possible before the need to be cleaned out. However, the biggest obstacle in its popularity is its battery life. The Roomba 560 needs to be recharged after only 45 minutes of cleaning. While you don’t have to do anything as the Roomba recharges itself, it can be irritating to wait for it to stop and start.

600 Series:

iRobot replaced the 500 series with the 600 series in 2012. It introduced a series of changes to the machine including scheduled cleaning, AeroVac technology (the concept was introduced in the 600 series and later adapted it to the 500 series), virtual walls, and a few more.
The Robot 650 was well received among users and critics alike. Some of its features include the 3 stage cleaning process and AeroVac technology (mentioned earlier). Besides these, the 650 also has an improved design to help the brush pick up dirt better. The infrared technology that allows the machine to detect obstructions like walls, stairs, etc. was also introduced in this series.

Unlike its predecessors, there are less chances of the Roomba 650 clogging up around wires due to anti tangle technology. The Roomba 650 may not compare with its recently introduced counterparts, like the 800 series, but it is certainly the best bet for budget buyers who don’t want the extra razzamatazz but are looking for some robotic cleaning help. The iRobot Roomba 630 is a little cheaper than the 650 but only has the most basic functionalities of these robotic vacuum cleaners, the 3 stages cleaning, AeroVac and improved brush design.

700 Series:

The 700 series was released in 2012 and was actually released just before the more cost effective 600 series. Some of the models launched under this series continue to remain bestsellers.
The Roomba 760 was the first among the 700 series and included features such as advanced cleaning, AeroVac series 2, Dual HEPA air filters and soft touch bumper. The improved AeroVac 2 series allows the machine to pull lint, pet hair and other similar objects to collect within the machine without clogging. The improved air filters allow the machine to collect dust as fine as 0.3 microns. It can determine areas that need better cleaning and also comes with an extended battery life.

The Roomba 770 is one of the best selling models of the company. While it includes all the technical advantages of the earlier 760 model, some of its advancements include a programming system that has 7 days worth of memory, a full bin indicator and an extended battery life. The Roomba 780 and 790 are also a part of the 700 series. iRobot introduced the iAdapt navigation system with the 780 model.

Some of the other features include the Dirt Detect Series to look for unclean areas within a certain space. Also rather than having to find the device to turn it on, an infrared sensor system allows the user to operate it with a remote.
The Roomba 790 model has a wireless command center that allows the user to program the device without being in the same room. The high number of features justified the company to charge a higher price – that was until the 880 came along.

800 Series:

The Roomba 800 Series is the latest in the line of Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners. Some of the advanced features introduced in this series include the Aeroforce Cleaning System. This system allows the machine to trap allergens and dirt.

Aeroforce is a combination of three factors.

1. Aeroforce Extractors 2. Airflow accelerator 3. Powerful High Efficiency Vacuum Motor

Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

AeroForce Extractors
iRobot has replaced the bristles in their Roomba vacuums with AeroForce extractors. These are soft rubber rollers which counter rotate and ‘beat up’ dirt and dust breaking it down into smaller particles which makes it easier for the 800 series suck up into the bin. Aeroforce extractors require lower maintenance and have more of a ‘tangle-free ability’ that makes them better than brushes on the previous Roomba models.

Airflow Accelerator
Due to a more powerful vacuum engine in the 800 series an accelerated airflow channel is created inside the machine. A sealed conduit around the outside of the extractors basically creates a super vacuum that sucks harder than ever before.

High Powered Vacuum Motor
The new highly efficient vacuum motor of the 800 series has 5 times more ‘airpower’ than previous models.

For more information on Aeroforce watch the video below.

Unlike the previous models, the Roomba 870 and Roomba 880 series do not tangle, nor do they allow dirt to be clogged within the machine. The Roomba 880 comes with additional features like the lighthouse, which allows the device to not move to the next room without cleaning the room where it is present. It also comes with iRobot XLife battery enabling the Roomba 880 to function for a longer period.

For more information on the Roomba 880 as well as customer reviews and also to compare prices of the Rooomba 880 visit our Roomba 880 review page.

irobot roomba reviews

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Ralph CookWhen you figure in maintenance costs, this is probably the most expensive way to poorly vacuum a floor. Had two that had the chassis go bad and when I bought a new chassis, they made me buy everything except the battery. I did not need the wheels or brush assemblies but my wife made me order the chassis anyway.5 days ago
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Noël Necaise BaumgartenLove my rumba!!! It gets under furniture and in all the corners. Best thing ever!6 days ago   ·  1
Frank PerezHave 2...upstairs and downstairs....I call them BONNIE and CLYDE....6 days ago   ·  1
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Karen AltmanMy Roomba 595 does 3 rooms (living room, dining room, kitchen) in about 90 minutes. The Roomba downstairs does our computer room, family room and laundry room in one fell sweep as well. So glad we purchased them.6 days ago   ·  1

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Dawn WaddingtonI wish you both were too.... Sadly no iRobot for me and my boy is with me all the time!2 weeks ago
Meliha Taş??1 week ago
Meliha TaşNo sping English1 week ago
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Boz AdamsWhich one? :D2 weeks ago   ·  8
Dana VoigtIN my closet, because the brush pack died. :(2 weeks ago   ·  1
Lisa DodgeOne in the family room, and one in the bedroom. The best gift my husband has gotten me! 😍2 weeks ago   ·  6
Kathy PeltonThe new 880 lives in the kitchen and older one roommate's in the laundry room with Braava. Can't live with out any of them!!2 weeks ago   ·  7
Bonnie RoysterMine does a great job on tile and carpet. Comes out every night at midnight and I get up to clean floors and carpet every morning.2 weeks ago   ·  1
Pam Rought ArnoldLove mine..he 'parks' in living room but covers several very well if maintained properly..maintenance can't be ignored. Compressor cleans filter really well after EACH job2 weeks ago   ·  1
Mike BowenThey live on the wall! ( the blue scheduler was out cleaning, he lives in the top location )And clean everywhere!!!2 weeks ago   ·  1
Linda LepreLove love love my Roomba's I have 2 down stairs it does my kitchen den dinning room bathroom and living room! Upstairs it does my carpeted bed rooms and hallway! Perfect!2 weeks ago   ·  1
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Natalia PetrenkoKitchen, dinning room, living room and hallway. We don't have any carpets on the first floor and my little helper is doing a great job! I love it and am planing to buy one more for the second floor. We have carpet in master bedroom and tried roomba there, no problems!2 weeks ago   ·  1
Trudy LoweKitchen, but he cleans the whole house, upstairs and downstairs. I call him Robbie and he does a wonderful job. I am planing to buy two more for wedding gifts.♥♥2 weeks ago   ·  2
Deb CoatesRoomba in liv rm, but visits all rooms; Scooba lives on its mat in dining rm, but does all hardwood and tiled surfaces (both on a rotation). Best cleaning tools ever!2 weeks ago   ·  3
Yvonne Bergqvist WigglesworthIn the kitchen he starts every morning at 11 am....... I love my ET and boy does it pick up a lot2 weeks ago   ·  2
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